We Are the Future
Rebecca Davies, 2019

A storymaking club with artist Rebecca Davies, foster children, birth children and their carers and parents.

Copyright, 2019, Rebecca Davies, LBBD and Jimmy Lee

This was our first ever project for foster families and we described it at the time as a 'course for life' to bring whole foster families together on a creative journey. We hoped to "support adults and young people to build confidence, feel relaxed and HAVE FUN!"

In practice the large group who signed up explored ways to tell a story and did this through making sculptures, taking photographs, painting pictures, recording sound, drawing, making animation, as well as sharing huge, noisy communal meals each day.

Rebecca Davies

Rebecca Davies has a collaborative practice that crosses illustration, design, performance and event. Her work explores the role of art in making change, as a device and platform, to represent and communicate complex stories and politics. She has run participation projects with Turner Contemporary, Tate, South London Gallery and was lead artist for the Whitechapel Gallery Community Workshops for three years. Rebecca and artist Anna Francis set up The Portland Inn Project CIC in 2016 in Stoke on Trent working with artists, arts organisations and residents to improve their community and renovate an old pub building.