Perfect Party
Rebecca Davies, 2019

Creating the best ever party with artist Rebecca Davies, carers, parents and foster and birth children.

A group of participants creating patterns and mark making using red pens on a green paper
Copyright, 2019, Rebecca Davies
A close-up of a hand using a carrot to create a pattern of black dots on pink paper
A collection of colourful marbling paper created by the young people
A drawing made with melted chocolate
A group of participants gathered around a table decorated with party decorations and food
A close-up of party decorations made during the club
A close-up of party decorations made during the club

After discussions with carers and social workers in fostering services, it was decided we should work again with whole foster families to support relationships within and between families.

This week of activity focused on the process of preparing for a party on the final day. Young people and carers designed and made food, tableware, animated wall projections, wall hangings, playlists - including giant bread letters saying 'Perfect Party'. Families each took their own roles depending on their interests from baking to documenting the days. The final party was spectacular with homemade as well as perfectly fast food from a local takeaway chosen by the children.

Rebecca Davies

Rebecca Davies has a collaborative practice that crosses illustration, design, performance and event. Her work explores the role of art in making change, as a device and platform, to represent and communicate complex stories and politics. She has run participation projects with Turner Contemporary, Tate, South London Gallery and was lead artist for the Whitechapel Gallery Community Workshops for three years. Rebecca and artist Anna Francis set up The Portland Inn Project CIC in 2016 in Stoke on Trent working with artists, arts organisations and residents to improve their community and renovate an old pub building.