Make a Banner
Rudy Loewe, 2022

Making banners to take home with Artist Rudy Loewe and young people aged 11-16

4 young people in aprons with some attached letters to a banner and others painting
Copyright 2022, Create, LBBD and Jimmy Lee
2 young people focused on writing in paint onto large banners
Copyright 2022, Create, LBBD and Jimmy Lee
3 young people painting on messy table with lots of artworks spread out
Copyright 2022, Create, LBBD and Jimmy Lee
Young person glues lettering to brightly coloured painted fabric
Copyright 2022, Create, LBBD and Jimmy Lee

Children referrred through the Barking and Dagenham Children’s Care and Support Service joined artist Rudy Loewe to explore creative materials and make large-scale banners at The White House in Dagenham. They used painting, drawing, creative writing and printing techniques to explore themes of community and belonging. Taking inspiration from their conversations they made individual bold and colourful banners that reflected their idea of community.

It was great facilitating the creative sessions at The White House. The workshops were aimed at young people in foster care, and we created banners thinking about belonging. Everyone got stuck in to the activities and we had really thoughtful conversations during the week. It was such a lovely space to be a part of. Rudy Loewe
Rudy Loewe

Rudy Loewe is a visual artist exploring black histories and social politics through painting, drawing and text.They began a practice-based PhD at University of the Arts London in 2021, critiquing Britain’s response to black resistance in the English-speaking Caribbean, during the 60s and 70s. Loewe is creating paintings and drawings that unravel this suppressed history included in recently declassified government records. Their approach to painting speaks to their backgrounds in comics and illustration – combining text, image and sequential narrative. They often work in collaboration with young people and community groups.