Art Summer with Foster Families
Aislinn Evans, Bettina Fung, 2022

An intergenerational art club for foster carers, children in care and birth children.

The White House in Dagenham invited artists to run weekly day-long creative workshops for families. They tried new ways of drawing and painting with artist Hiromi Fukikoshi. They took inspiration from plants and greenery to make cyanotype photography with artist Aislinn Evans and explored unique ways to creatw maps with artist Bettina Fung. Puppet artist Kai Duffy introduced them to puppet-making techniques and hosted a performance of their creations at the of the session and artists Farouk Agoro & Dele Awoyemi explored simple furniture design.

2 children stand outside making artworks in the ground
Copyright 2022, Jimmy Lee, Create, LBBD
2 children sitting facing away from camera looking at butterful images on a phone and drawing with black pen and black paint
Copyright 2022, Jimmy Lee, Create, LBBD
Monochrome drawing on acetate by child with emoji's references to football and Nike
Copyright 2022, Jimmy Lee, Create, LBBD
Aislinn Evans

Aislinn Evans' practice involves film-making, comics, and experimental lo-fi game design. A common thread of enquiry includes explorations of place, class struggle and queering folklore. Aislinn is also a youth worker, using games and writing as a medium for social interaction and development. Recent projects and publications include Chump Change, Live Art Development Agency, 2020; Semaphoria, LBBD Council, 2020; Concrete and Protest Song, SPORAZINE, 2020; The Take Over, The White House and Create London, 2018 and The Sofa Slam, Barbican and Create London, 2018. Aislinn was awarded the Live Art Development Agency’s Future Proofing bursary and was Shortlisted for the LDC First Graphic Novel Prize in 2020. They are a National Poetry Slam champion, 2018.

Bettina Fung

Bettina Fung is a Hong Kong born British-Chinese artist based in London. Her work explores and questions subjects of legacy, belonging, productivity and progress. With a strong interest in the ideas of communing and creative collective actions, her recent works are associated with themes of share authorship and the dynamics within working and building together.