A digital tool for direct work to capture memories and stories
Digital Storytelling can be a powerful social work practice-based tool to share our narratives - not only our past experiences, but our future hopes. It can be a way for young and older people to share their journey as a story, which can be communicated through a format which is contemporary, relevant, creative and engaging., 2021
view of laptop with images on the screen
2021, Joe Namy, Jimmy Lee
Person looking at monitor with sound editing software on the screen.
2021, Joe Namy and Jimmy Lee

Staff members at the Social, Therapeutic and Community Studies Department at Goldsmiths, University of London have created a series of creative tools for social care practitioners. Each tool offers a short outline of key concepts with suggested reflective prompts and activities. The tools are aimed to encourage and guide staff to explore and use creative approaches whilst working with their service users.