Podcast: Radical Hospitality (Making it Easier to Engage)

Hospitality is not a word we often associate with social care practice but here we explore why being thoughtful about how we build relationships might have huge benefits to our work. We explore what a radical hospitality might involve. Creative practitioners working with groups of people are often good at engaging reluctant and even hostile participants. The same is true for staff working in social care. How do their approaches overlap?

Social worker Meghan Drennan and artists Aislinn Evans and Belinda Zhawidiscuss why this way of working could be risky in mainstream social care but could also carry huge benefits. The podcast was created by artist Hannah Kemp-Welch.

A recording session with a group of people sitting around a table using freestanding microphones
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New Town Culture · Podcast: Radical Hospitality (Making it Easier to Engage)