Artist Talk: 26th October 2021, Carole Wright (Blak Outside), with Harun Morrison (They Are Here)
A conversation reflecting on, amongst other things, the New Town Culture project Creative Resilience Part 1: Gardening Club, 2021

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Tuesday, October 26 2021, 15:30 17:00

The White House, 884 Green Lane, Dagenham, London RM8 1BX.

As part of the New Town Culture programme, Blak Outside worked with local foster families throughout Spring and Summer of 2021 on the project Creative Resilience Part 1: Gardening Club, to grow, care for the White House garden, and cook together. Working with soil and plant life, they explored the histories of plants, nature and the built environment, and explored who has access to experiences outdoors.

As the garden curls inward for Autumn, conserving its energy for the coming Spring, Carole opens up to talk about how to be safely and proudly Blak Outside.

Carole is joined by Harun Morrison (They Are Here), who led the transformation of the White House garden in 2017.

Families are very welcome to join us for this artist talk, followed by snacks and drinks.