We Are Here
Katriona Beales, 2021

Home-making and object-building in an intergenerational club with foster families and artist Katriona Beales.

A moving image still of a hand with layers of translucent colours and text over the hand
Copyright, 2021, Katriona Beales

Throughout autumn and winter 2021 artist Katriona Beales and foster families met together for an intergenerational after-school club.

During the pandemic many of our social, educational and work interactions adapted to become screen-based. Together the group explored how these interactions shape our identities and how we can develop a sense of feeling at home in ourselves, both inside and outside the screen. With many families and young people spending more time at home together during periods of lockdown, domestic space and making things at home have also become more central to our wellbeing.

Together particpants created handmade objects and digitally transformed them through 3D scanning and printing to make objects such as costumes, bean bags, cushions and wall hangings and films.

Katriona Beales

Katriona Beales makes digital artefacts, objects, moving image and installation. Katriona's work responds to the social implications of new technologies, in particular mental health and digital culture. Recent work includes the interdisciplinary project Are We All Addicts Now? supported by The Wellcome Trust and Arts Council England, shown at Furtherfield, 2017. Recent commissions were shown at the V&A Museum and Science Gallery in 2018 and at Autograph in 2020. Katriona was lead artist on Supersmashers, the South London Gallery programme for looked after children between 2013-15, and has led the family SEND workshop programme at Autograph since 2019.