Time and Space
Mai Omer, 2022

Artist Mai Omer hosted an intergenerational after-school club for foster carers, children in care and birth children.

3 young people peering through small holes in a wall in an exhibition space
Copyright 2022, Create, LBBD
Group of young people standing, sitting and walking in a room with a huge image of earth and outer space on the wall
Copyright 2022, Create, LBBD

In Spring 2022 Mai Omer ran an intergenerational after-school art club for whole foster families at The White House in Dagenham. Together the group explored the themes of time and space, talked about the world we live in and imagined what the future world might look like. They made collages, took photographs, wrote sci-fi stories and went on a field trip to see an exhibition at The Serpentine galleries.

Mai Omer

Mai Omer is a multi-media artist and curator based in London and Tel- Aviv. Mai’s main passions are arts, politics and education and often works in collaboration with others to devise and make art work.