Pattern to Product
Sarina Mantle, 2021

Pattern, printmaking and product design with artist Sarina Mantel and young people.

A close-up on a participants hands pressing leaves and grass into ink on a glass sheet
Copyright, 2021, Sarina Mantle, LBBD and Jimmy Lee
Examples of Ink prints on white and brown paper
A close-up on a participants hands pressing leaves and grass into ink on a glass sheet
A close-up on a participants hand covered in black ink holding a leaf covered in ink
A young person using a cutting knife to create a pattern in a fruit
A table with paper, ink and leaves. A young girl using both hands to press down on a sheet of paper to make a print.
A young person sitting at a table looking at a small birthday cake
A young person using scissors to cut out a drawing of a long green, pink and yellow flower

Young people from Barking and Dagenham Children’s Social Services joined artist Sarina Mantle to explore colour, patterns and printmaking at Company Drinks. Company Drinks is a community space and social enterprise based in Barking and Dagenham, where they make drinks with and for each other. The group spent the week exploring the gardens around Company Drinks, and taking inspiration from nature to create patterns and designs on tote bags, clothes, books and much more. Sarina introduced the young people to some simple printing techniques, including block printing.

Sarina Mantle

Sarina Mantle is a visual artist and the author of a colouring book called Women + Patterns + Plants. She is also a mother, the singer-songwriter aka Sarina Leah and she founded Wildsuga in 2008. She explores through her work digital, handrawn illustrations and surface design ranging from screen printing, hand block printing and painting, sewing, pattern cutting and jewellery design. She runs a varied mix of creative workshops for toddlers, children and adults in London.